About Us

About Us

A & S Group Of Companies are In pursuit of perfect light since 1975.

“A & S Group Of Companies” specializing in car paint, automotive paint, top coat, base coat, metallic color, pearl color, high solid quick dry clearcoat, hardener, thinner, 1K / 2K primer, surfacer primer, body filler putty, and related auxiliries degreaser, quick dry additive, anti-silicone, anti-blushing thinner, fixer controller, flip controller, matting agent, flexible additive, fade out thinnner.

Our sales network covers more than 30 countries, and we have more than 17, 000 customers in World. We has established good business relationship with the well-known automobile manufacturer, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturer. Our products are favored by domestic and foreign customers for years.

A & S Group Of Companies are not only assures the quality of finished products and raw materials: The whole production process is certified by internationally recognized bodies. We passed the IS09001.94 version in 1996, then after upgraded to IS09001.2000 in 2001, we got IS09001.2008 approved. The certified operations include the research and develop, production, sales and marketing of professional auto paint. We aims to improve the efficiency of its quality management system constantly and increase the satisfaction of all its customers.

A & S Group Of Companies are firmly believes in the future and respect for the environment. The company manufactures its products with eco-friendly LOW VOC materials. We also strives to minimize energy and material waste at all auto paint of its production process.

We combines product quality with service. Customers may request in-depth technical analysis and advice specific to their sales or usage, as well as timely after sales technical assistance.